Author: Nivedha.N   Co-author: N.Pooja



Agriculture is a livelihood which never ends. It has to be increased in terms of production by using minimal space, as the population is increasing day by day.

Urban Agriculture is such a concept which is in trend in many countries and is such, to give importance to meet the growing population and urbanization. For developing nations with increased urbanization rate, agriculture production with same nutrition’s and strength, as of rural areas, is very much important.

Lack of employment in other sectors, urban agriculture can provide a good employment opportunity for millions of unemployed people.

Limited resource and increase in urbanization along with population explosion is resulting in shortage of basic resource like food. Along with urbanization arises problems like urban heat island, land scarcity, pollution. Price fluctuation, poverty and increased demand for food arises along with increase in population. Another fact is, the available food is undernourished and lack required nutrition.

Agriculture is always seen as a rural concept but today’s practice of urban agriculture or farming has changed people’s thoughts. A new trend in urban areas taken up as a hobby, business, need for nutritious food along with other urban related advantages such as waste water management, solid waste management. It also acts as solution for sustainable growth, poverty alleviation in urban areas and meet the demand.

Urban agriculture is practiced in the form of rooftop gardens, peri-urban farming, community farming, indoor farming, vertical farming, city farming. This type of practices is observed in some cities of India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.



·       Rooftop production or farming

·       Hydroponic farming

·       Vertical faming

·       Community farming

·       Organic farming

·       Balcony gardening

·       Sustainable agriculture

·       Green houses