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Planning Insights is a platform where different perspectives, approaches, interventions and ideas across Town and CountryPlanning, Architecture, Remote Sensing and Construction industry would be shared withauthentic and reliable insights.We aim to be a one-point source for interested citizens, aspiring students, dedicated academicians and industrious professionals in providing relevant information about latest policies, schemes, development projects and its field applicability in the domain of Planning, Architecture and Remote Sensing anywhere on our globe. Planning insights will also be working on networking planners and broadcasting different opportunities along with acting as an open data source platform to town planners. Our focus remains on Planning and its following sub-aspects:

  1. Articles (Blogs/Opinion Pieces) on Ideas, Perspectives, Thoughts, Suggestions, Views, Reforms and Facts related to Planningand allied domains.
  2. Policies and Schemes adopted acrossthe world with its applicability and relevance in Planning, Architecture, Remote Sensing and Construction.
  3. Development projects and programs implemented and its long-term and short-term prospects across the globe.
  4. Thesis and Research papers on planning and allied fields would also be published on the website.
  5. Posting architectural and planning related simulation videos.
  6. Posting academic portfolios for sharing in the planning community.
  7. Discussion Forum to discuss doubts or new ideas in real time.
  8. Open Source Data hub consisting shapefiles, XMLs, PDFs, Acts & laws, and other data which is free to download.
  9. Workshops and competitions in collaboration with industry to further enhance the skills of planners, architects and engineers.
  10. To make a comprehensive list of businesses and academic institutions involved in planning, architecture and civil engineering along with taking steps to implement our mission statements in the campuses.


To gather and present all data, facts and information related to planning, architecture, Remote Sensing & GIS at one place.

Mission Statement:

  1. Increase diffusion of knowledge related to planning and its allied domains.
  2. To provide authentic and trustworthy insights in Town and Country planning, Architecture, Remote Sensing, GIS and construction management.
  3. Be a platform for students and professionals to provide their insights on planning and other allied domains.
  4. Be a medium of networking for Planners/Professionals/Academicians/Architects/GIS specialists.
  5. To sensitize masses about the importance of town planning and its relevance today.
  6. To broadcast different opportunities available to town planners and architects.